Monday, March 22, 2010

In Which It Is Evident We Are Not Practised Churchgoers

Possibly we need to take the kids to church more often than Easter, Christmas, christenings, school CRE celebrations and the occasional additional visit.

A local church runs Easter and Christmas craft and Christianity workshops for primary school children. It's not our church, but the kids have been happily going. This year, Running Boy flatly refused. None of Princess Pea's friends turned up, and she has decided she is too old for it too. (It didn't help that a dear little churchlady insisted on helping her wrap up one of her creations, squishing the icing.)

At dinnertime, Princess told us that Cheekus Weekus possibly hadn't quite got the point. "Cheekus died" she said. "Pardon?" "Cheekus lay down being dead at the front when we were supposed to be going up to learn a new song. He wouldn't move. A little old lady all hunched over patted him on the head, I think she was asking him to get up, but he just screwed up his eyes and lay there." It got worse.

"I tried to escape" he said. "You know all those long chairs in the church? I crawled under them but then I gave up. The someone spotted me and I got really embarrassed." Yes, rather than learn a new Easter song, in church, Cheekus tried to get away through the pews but was rumbled by another little old lady. At least he was embarrassed!

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