Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nick R the Second

After helping the CFO wash dishes so that my breakfast could be cooked for me (and very good it was too) I went to the Stitches and Craft Show on Sunday afternoon, all by myself, as my Mothers' Day treat. I bought a little bag pattern from Nikki and a kinder girls pattern from Jodie and a Pippijoe basket kit. Now all I have to do is make them up. Easy.

Today was much more special. It seems happiness is a genuine St Kilda guernsey. Happy tenth birthday Running Boy! In his honour here is his favourite YouTube clip. Actually it's his second favourite but I can't stand to hear singing guineapigs any more.

BTW can anyone tell me how to do weblinks but without all the http stuff turning up - ie to make a tagline or word that acts as a link when clicked? [Edit - thankyou Stomper Girl, it my blog is just a little bit easier to read!]

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  1. Hi Elizabeth. If you're writing your post in blogger, choose the word you want to make the link for example "genuine St Kilda guernsey. Highlight it, then click the little green picture of chain links that should be just above the box you're typing your post in (near the add picture, or Bold icons) then that brings up the place where you type the full http : // etc and it shouold turn "genuine St Kilda guernsey" into a click-through link for you without shwoing the actual URL address.

    Hope that makes sense and thanks for admiring the kitty, I'm SURE he wouldn't eat your frogs. Yet. Too little.