Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vanity and Irony

" together in perfect harmony/side by side in my peabrain,/ o Lord...

I've just had a medical checkup, largely because my nice young doctor enthused about how I was at the age where it was Government-funded so wouldn't cost a zac. Hmmm. All sorts of tests. Blood pressure is always low. After Running Boy's birth they wouldn't let me out of recovery for ages because they were waiting for my blood pressure to go up. In the end they believed me when I said it never would and let me out to cuddle him.

For many, many years I have used sunblock every day, even in winter. It never got rid of any freckles but the blood tests showed it did achieve something: I have appallingly low levels of Vitamin D. Normal is 120-140 thingummies and mine is 30. This may explain why I am always tired and usually flat. Now I have to chug 3000 micrograms of D a day for three months and get eight minutes of sun exposure daily.

And go back in three months to...check on a suspicious-looking mole on my ivory (but freckled) decolletage.

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